The Beauty of Harmony and the Revealing of the Church. 

“How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony!”

Ps 133:1

The world needs beauty. The world needs to see more of God’s children revealed. Take a moment and read these definitions of harmony…

An orderly or pleasing combination of elements in a whole.

A relationship in which various components exist together without destroying one another.

A relationship characterized by a lack of conflict or by agreement, as of opinion or interest.

A combination of sounds considered pleasing to the ear.

I love listening to music. I enjoy its diversity and it’s ways of creativity and yet music is a simple and great demonstration of the Church. This example works great using a large orchestra that consists of many instruments. We hear stringed instruments, horns, wind instruments and great pieces of percussion. There is a beauty, power, sound and progression as a symphony is playing with passion.

The orchestra is a very natural and beautiful demonstration of what God created. God’s creativity revealed in the natural realm and reflected in the spirit.

As Christians we tend to divide the church up into many segments these days. We say “that camp over there can do that” or “that flow or style down the road does this.” We separate and define missing the bigger picture.

We often want to condemn or judge a group for not doing something that we do. This judgment, of course, means they are wrong and we are right. This would be like the horn section telling a lone clarinet player that they have no part to play in the symphony. When we segregate ourselves we miss the grand scheme of things that God has for us!

You can argue that there are important instruments and there are background instruments. That some are flashy and others are unimportant. This would reveal your lack of understanding of musical composition.

We see this in the arena of rock n roll. Many bands have split up because of ego and thinking that one of them is more important or better than the rest. I am now thinking of a major 90s band that argued and fought because the brothers could not get along!!

In the Bible, Paul uses the analogy of the body. We are many members, with many parts. The mouth may be loud and vocal but it can never do the job of the ears. The knees are a bendy joint like the elbows but they have different role to play!

Many people in church want to be the soloist violin. Many people want to stand out in the front and many people even want to be the conductor. We all need to recognise how to play our own instruments and to not pick up another persons.

The trouble has been that the orchestra has been half filled. The pastor picks up the role of usher, the caretaker, the prayer person, the money counter and even the singer!!

Too many of the orchestra are out trying to find another place to play. A group that accepts them and are exactly like them. They join the banjo band or the barbershop quartet. They try and win the American Superstar tv show winner or some such solo adventure.

In fact, the body of Christ works best in harmony. Everyone conducted by the Holy Spirit. In step with the leadings inside of them. Soloists leading in their moment. The drummer banging the drum in rhythmic synchronicity. The string section creating flow and substance to God’s magnificent symphony.

What I love about harmony is it is not everyone doing the same thing. We use the word unity a lot in church but that word gives a sense of the same thing. We have to all agree on everything, the colours, the uniform, etc. I like the word harmony better.

In harmony there is diversity. There are bass notes, treble notes, chord structures that create mood and emotion. Church is never meant to be boring but it to be the most creative place on the planet.

When believers come together and flow together something special happens. We begin to achieve the sweet sound of the musical piece written by God. The symphony comes alive with structure and emotion. We sing off of the same hymn sheet. The time is coming and the time will be glorious.

Right now, today, the Church is only tuning up. If you have ever seen a group of musicians tuning up up you will know what I mean. It sounds chaotic. It will sound confusing but there comes a moment when that all changes. The conductor steps up and taps his baton and settles the chaos.

The time is coming and as the Holy Spirt steps into place the church will perk up its ears. The Church will finally be ready to step into its beautiful end time role that everyone of us has a place to play in.

The glorious church revealed in all its glory. A sound that fills this planet Earth with beauty. A beautiful piece of harmony that shares the gospel around the world. In this final hour, the glory of God revealed through the sons of glory.

Jesus is coming back soon.

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