You are a winner.

You are a winner. 

You are a winner. 

You are a winner. 

Say this out loud this morning, “I am a winner.”

When I was in school as a younger child I went to a Christian school. Whilst I learnt a lot where I was there, one thing stands out as I write this post. The environment I was brought up in was one of constant encouragement. We were told daily that we winners. They even used the example of what happened reproductively in the womb…

You won. 

Before you were born, at the moment of conception you won. You started life as a winner. You are the single sperm that reached the egg before millions of others. You were victorious before you ever saw the light of day. You fought off millions of others. You won the race. 

When you realise you started your life this way you can easily see what God has placed inside you. Something deep inside of you has the voice of a champion. Stop seeing life as a continually moment of defeat but see it as total victory. 

Sin may have had a hold of you at one point but now you are a son of the living God you have His DNA, His character and His ability. You have been recreated into a life that is one of complete victory. 

Many in church are constantly seeking breakthrough. Seeking ways of how they can make it. Defeat seemingly surrounds them at ever corner. There is no way that they can stand up or rise up, they are under it all. 

You were not created that way. You are a King. You are a joint heir. Your thinking needs to be renewed. 

The victory lies inside of you. It lies there deep in your spirit. It is there stirring beneath all the emotion, beneath the resistance. You must pull on it as you praise, you must sing and declare God’s Word. You don’t need a breakthrough…you need to act like who you really are. You have already broken through. 

Now act like it. Give and you will receive. Plant and you will reap. Sow the Word into your heart. Give of your finances. Do the Word and believe that you are healed. If you believe you will act on it. 

We preach about reaping from God like it’s a rare breakthrough. We talk like maybe one day something amazing will happen if we keep going until the end. If we endure it might be alright one day. 

If you are Christian, one who believes the Word, you must reap the harvest. Jesus said it is there to be received. Whether it is souls that are ready to hear the Gospel or a financial increase that you are believing for. 

In fact, reaping is simply a natural response to sowing seeds. A due time always comes when the environment is correct and the harvester puts in the work. The harvest never appears magically on the doorstep wrapped in a basket neither does your victory. 

A farmer’s harvest, in the natural, takes hours of labour. The tools may have gotten more sophisticated but the time and work remains intensified during the season of harvest. 

We need to stop prophesying of breakthroughs and start putting our hand to the plough and bring in the harvest. 

If God is pouring out a blessing that we cannot contain we need to create some containers to gather in what He is sending our way even if our vessels overflow!! When you really see yourself as a winner this becomes a natural response to a God who is pouring out His love lavishly on you and I. 

To stand, having done all to stand means you have put in place the eternal life producing word. The winning formula lives in your heart and is spoken by your mouth. 

If you aren’t receiving back what you have sown in faith only two things can be limiting your connection – You haven’t hit due season yet or you haven’t put in the work to produce the harvest from your crop. 

Remember, you are a winner, a winner who is planted by the river of God (Psalm 1). Being planted there means that you produce fruit. That fruit is a harvest that provides sustenance to all those around you.

It’s your continually connection to the river of God and being in the sunlight of Gods presence that’s sustains you. Your nourishment is provided as you stay connected to all that God has provided for you. 

Your prosperity flows because of your connection to the flow. You are a winner when you allow the flow to flow!! 

The giving flow is the process of sowing seed. Your generosity reaps a harvest…if you, not God, faints not…you aren’t waiting for a breakthrough you are moving in the direction of an appointed time to harvest!! 

You are a champion in the things of God. You are a winner. Winners give. Winners reap.  Winners share the spoils with those around them. Winners have a smile on their face in every season. No matter what the opposition the winner see the champion inside and does not allow weather, situations or lack of money to stop them for going after everything they see inside themselves. 

You are in charge of your breakthrough, your harvest and your attitude no matter what you face. 

You will see all that God has for you. You are a winner in life. See yourself as that and begin to learn and develop all the skills you need to go out and reap the harvest that is there for you!

Say it again, “I am a winner!”


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