Build and Protect.

The Church of Jesus Christ is precious. It is God’s heartbeat. It is His Son in operation on earth, filled with His Gory and manifesting His plan on Earth. The Church is a body, the body. The church is the answer to the world. The church is what God has planned on for the future of all mankind. It is the church that will populate heaven for eternity. If you haven’t guessed it yet the church is everything…

Ephesians 3:10, 4:10

God’s purpose in all this was to use the church to display his wisdom in its rich variety to all…His intention was the perfecting and the full equipping of the saints (His consecrated people), [that they should do] the work of ministering toward building up Christ’s body (the church)…

But I thought it was all about Jesus? 

The church is Jesus, we are His Body! When Jesus is lifted up with our praise God is attracted to us. We are the voice, the reflection and the outworking of Jesus on this earth. It is all about Him. We are all about Him. We are to always be about His plan and His purpose. The church is Jesus Christ on earth!

You must play your part. You must slot in to the body…into the structure that God is building. The realm of faith sees beyond the hope in our hearts into a place of maturity, completion and strength.

Let me talk to you for a moment…In many of our lives we have felt that God has been laying a foundation. We feel that God has been preparing us for something great and to a certain extent all of us are continually being prepared for the next level of life and ministry. However, at some point you need to step on the foundation that God has laid, the foundation of Jesus. At some point you need to rise up. You, yes, you, need to become what God has intended all along…

I sense in my heart as I type this you are meant to accelerate. Momentum has started. The inertia that you have released with your faith is building. Now let God fuel it. Let Him propel you. Let acceleration become the name of the game. Let God do what only God can do…BACK YOU!!

God will back your faith in Him. What He has told you to do is on your heart for a reason, He put it there in the first place! Remember, what He said will never be separate from His Word or His Church! You are meant to run and expand and will all be within His parameters and His parameters is His Church. Even if you are called to go out you are called to be sent! 

When you have put the Word in your heart it becomes the foundation in your life and it will enable you to stand. The fuel of the Holy Spirit will set you on fire and propel you into all that He has. Water and Fire! Refreshment and Propulsion. The Church.

I don’t know if I am making any sense, as I am typing this it all comes out like a flow. What is strong in me is that we are now in a place of time for uncapping of past works, remarkable meetings and of the Pentecostal experience once again. The Church holds the cards in these last days and when you know your enemy is a liar you can put all your money in the game on his bluff!! 

The expansion of church is essential. Miracles are essential. The gifts of the Spirit are crucial and a move of the Church, across all generations is imminent. There is something brewing in the heart of the true Church. It is hitting me as I type. The stirrings of the Spirit. God is waiting on us and not the other way around. It’s time to rise up in unity, demonstrating the love of God with power and authority.

Rise up church. Stand strong. Run hard. Activate your faith for the supernatural in your life. Get ready to give BIG, serve with passion and be ready to pour out all that God is putting in your heart. 

The news is saying one thing…tighten your belt, squeeze, taxes…more for them and not you…PUT A HALT TO IT NOW!  

You hear ‘less and lack’…you give more. Attack poverty in your life by diving into God’s way of doing finances. Attack sickness by declaring your healer! If you don’t know how…FIND OUT!!

It is time to go big in the realm of God.

You are a member of the biggest, strongest, most successful club in the universe!! Your benefits outweigh any CEO, you are surrounded with people who are connected with THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE! Plug in church!! You are fully equipped to do the job. The money will not run out. Healing always comes. The Word always works!!

When Nehemiah was building the walls of Jerusalem he organised teams of people to build and to protect. They were ready to defend and to work. They continued the building when under the greatest pressure possible. God is with us. We are the labourers in the greatest building project in all of eternity. The Church will be built and the gates of Hell will not prevail! He in the heavens laughs…and so do we!

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