Have you seen the benefits of your membership??

Understand, therefore, that the LORD your God is indeed God. He is the faithful God who keeps his covenant for a thousand generations and lavishes his unfailing love on those who love him and obey his commands.

Deuteronomy 7:9

The covenant that you and I live in as believers is outstanding. If you don’t know about this agreement that God has with Jesus you will always come short in your relationship with God. If you are a Christian you must go from being a believer in Jesus and in your salvation to a Christian who is walking in all the privileges of the membership package.

Think about it like this, when you bought a gym membership you may have wanted to get healthy. You are now a member and you can use your membership whenever you want. If you are new to the health market you might find a training program to complete with a few basic movements. You might start there and develop your health to a point but as you continue to learn more you will start to learn about diet, compound routines, HIT, and a whole host of ways you can develop your muscles and fitness. You might even discover fitness classes or a pool located within the gym and you may even discover the mental benefits from working out.

The membership package of the gym gives you full access but knowledge, learning and developing opens up the fullness to what you can do and achieve. You might even work with a personal trainer who will ‘disciple’ you into your fitness goals.

This is the way salvation works. You sign up. You believe, then you begin to discover, bit by bit, what God actually did when Jesus went to the cross. You begin to find out out the benefits associated with being in the family. The protection God provides, the direction and support the Holy Spirit leads with and the relationship that grows with Jesus in the Word.

Many Christians sign up but only dip into the package after Christmas when some weight needs to come off. They wait a year to pick up all the bad habits then realise something must be done then they quickly try to fix the problem as fast as possible without any endurance.

The reality is, as with weight loss and fitness, it is in the consistency, the boring same old routines and methods that Christian success is found. Don’t get me wrong our lives are full of joy and peace when we do this but like the quick fix diet if you only pop in and out of Christianity you never truly see long lasting results!!!

It is the consistent and faithful that see the results. It is in the knowing that as God is faithful to us we must be faithful to Him. If you rely on emotions and feelings to get you out of the bed and into the gym you will not respond when they aren’t there. When you decide every day that results happen because you stay the course, you will see the pounds come off.

The weights in life that so easily slow you down will be dealt with if you look to Jesus…everyday. He is faithful. He lavishing pours out His love to you…everyday. As you are faithful, you connect.

This is what understanding the covenant and the relationship that God has with Jesus is all about. Their relationship is impossible to break. That is why they did it. The covenant had to be made with a man to buy humanity back but the price had to be paid by an eternal one. The sacrifice on the cross by deity allowed the full price to be paid. Mankind was saved but also in the process a man now sits in the throne room of God a part of the Trinity!! Jesus represents you!

The covenant, bought and paid for by blood of Jesus gave mankind access! Access to it all. We are able to connect into a contract that has been set. It only takes our ability to be learn, grow and develop our knowledge in the contract to walk in all that Jesus has provided.

We have access to forgiveness. We have access to healing. We have access to provision. The price has been paid for you and I to continually receive from the Blessing that God originally wanted to bring into the earth. We are redeemed from the curse that came through the law. The curse that was opened up on the earth through Adam’s rebellion.

You were never meant to be hurt, in pain, sick or poor. You no longer need to see that in your life. If you have bought into the membership package realise that you don’t only get access into a building but you have privileges that come with. You are blessed. You are healed. Learn how to connect with a God that is INDEED God!!

This means you need to be a constant study. Homework is required. Preparation and effort is needed in this day and age for you to enter in and MAINTAIN your victory. Muscles don’t stay strong if they are without resistance and training. Health in your body does not remain if your diet goes wrong. Your spiritual life will affect EVERY other area. Don’t wait another moment, access His lavish love. Listen, obey and develop your knowledge in the Bible. Get around other Christians and be a quick study. Determine today to see growth! Stretch yourself and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE TODAY!!

I believe in you!

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