A new thing.

“I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth…”

God is moving on the face of this planet. Things are afoot. You only have to follow politics, the weather, the news and you can see Jesus’ prophecies coming to pass. Wars and rumours of wars abound, etc, etc, etc.

I am so glad that I am a child of God. I am so glad I am the righteousness of God and that I am redeemed.

We spoke yesterday about forgetting the past and about letting things that are hindering you from experiencing God’s best go. Letting them pass into oblivion so that you can focus on what God is doing now…

These new things…where are they coming from? Well, like anything in the New Testament they will come from the inside out. We have a wellspring of salvation we can tap into. We have rivers of living water flowing out from our belly. That is where God will move in your life. He will first deal with your heart before anything can change on the outside.

“It shall spring forth…”

Movement, momentum, change on a molecular level can also cause friction. Any change will cause a shifting. Your life might start to experience some turbulence during change but know this if your heart is aligned with God and His word lives in you you will not only survive but you will thrive! God’s plan for you is success, abundance and prosperity in whatever He is leading you into. Allow the new thing in your life to spring forth. Let it bring change and a shift in your heart, mind set and circumstances.

Today, embrace the new. Allow the work of the Holy Spirit to cause an impact on your heart, your situation and to all those people around you that need it most!!

Isaiah 43

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