Is what you SEE greater than what God SAYS??

The world has a voice. The devil has a voice. Those voices cry out. They are determined to influence your mind so that you will turn your eyes. Your eyes will be pressured to look and see what is shouting so loud. 

The eyes that shift to look towards the sounds of distress, worry and fear start to stray and ears start to listen. Once the distraction begins the voice will quickly follow suit. 

The process of defeat begins in the mind. The enemies voice attempts to distract, remove your focus and tries to hook you into the natural version of events. He tries to surround you with the appearance of defeat. You begin to see what surrounds you. 

Then once surrounded you try and hold on. You try and hold the enemy back. You try and hold out until the attack passes. The enemy convinces you that if you wait and accept your fate this to will pass. 

The problem is you have got it the wrong way around. You aren’t the British army surrounded by thousands of Zulu warriors. You aren’t in a fox hole in Vietnam waiting for air support. You aren’t a police officer alone on the beat waiting for back up. 

You, Christian, are sat a table. This table is a table prepared with luxury. This table has the best dining experience. The best cutlery. The best china, crystal glasses and the like. The food is the highest quality. The service is immaculate. 

You are sat at a table in the middle of it all. You are on display to every enemy, every lying devil, every dark force and you are in complete peace. 

You don’t need to respond to them. You don’t need to turn your eyes to them. You don’t need to accept their delivery. You need to eat off of the table. 

You need to let the enemy watch you. 

The enemy surrounds you. So what? There is more of you than them. 

The enemy is shouting. So what? 

There is a lion’s roar inside of you. 

The enemy is showing you everything that could go wrong. So what? So what? 

So what?

Are you going to believe what you see over what God says??? 

Your victory lies simply within. Your authority is simply within. Your peace is simply within. To get it out you need to open your mouth. 

It’s time to bring praise back to the church. Praise is not a song. Praise is a shout. Praise is a vocal response to the what God is saying on the inside. 

It has never left. He has never left. The lion inside you can raise up a voice that silences the enemy while you are sat dining at the table. 

Your praise and worship is your centre. It is your anti-harassment solution. It is the peace that quietens the undisciplined mind. Your praise changes the atmosphere. Your praise doesn’t hold off the enemy…it pushes him back. 

Stop holding on. Make him hold on. Go on the offensive today. Release the victory today. The victory is your faith and the victory is in your mouth. 

Go from victory to victory. From glory to glory. From liberty to liberty.  

Don’t just get your praise back, keep it, use it and maintain it. Force the enemy to try and hold on. Don’t give him any sympathy. Don’t let him gain any ground. You gain ground! You take back what has been stolen. You threaten to get off your seat at the table to go after him. He won’t hang to see you stand!!

Lift up your voice to the heavens and praise Him! Praise the one who saved you. Praise the one who healed you. Praise the one from where all blessings flow!! 

Live at the table and ignore the presence of any enemy because you live in the presence of the Almighty!!!

Become disciplined in your praise. Live in the place of joy. You might not feel like it. You might not want to open your mouth but when you do you put all of hell on notice that you are not playing games you are walking in the victory that you own!!! 

Psalms 23:4-5

Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me.

You prepare a feast for me in the presence of my enemies. You honor me by anointing my head with oil. My cup overflows with blessings.

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