The desire that lives in your soul if cultivated correctly will manifest in your life. You were created by God to do so much more with your life than mediocre. You were created to profit from life. 

Godliness profits unto all things. Wisdom and knowledge propels you to riches and wealth. God made our father, Abraham, very rich in cattle and silver and gold because of his obedience. 

Your life is a seed that is worth growing. Your desire for the Word of God connects you to the source of the desires that dwell within your soul. God put them there. He placed in you the desires of your heart so that He could give them to you. 

God loves you. God is pouring His blessing on your life. Learn to desire all that He has for you. I don’t know what you desire. I don’t know where God wants to take you but deep down within your heart the answer lies. 

Take time today to meditate on His Word. Jesus said to Mary only one thing is needful. That thing is the Word of God. It is in the Word that your spirit will communicate you to. You will be led by the still small voice. You will know peace in the leading. 

Your desire to grow and learn will enable you to go through, above or around any problem that you face. Any form of change that you apply to your life will bring disruption. That disruption and pressure will rise to slow your progress down. If you allow yourself to knuckle down and push through you will become stronger. You will develop staying power. 

The voice of desire in your heart cannot be ignored. Hope that is differed and redirected will make your heart sick. Let the hope in your heart rise up and propel you to activate your faith. Your faith then will require action and action is often change. 

Today is the day of salvation. Today is the day to release your joy. Today is the day to desire God’s Word like never before and to develop that relationship which will allow you to succeed no matter what!!! 

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