Pressure. Roots. Victory.

Pressure comes. Pressure goes. Mentally we sense it. Physically we can feel it. Pressure appears when things are tight, when the need looks far larger than the provision. Pressure comes as we resist. We resist people, we resist family, we resist the enemy of our soul and we even have a habit of resisting God.

Not all pressure is good. Not all pressure is bad. Pressure is actually a feeling. What do we say about feelings? Feelings are a gauge as to what is happening. If you feel a burning sensation you know that you may be holding something extremely hot and that you should let go. If you don’t feel it you would burn your hand to a crisp. 

Pressure is the emotional monitor that lets you know something is up. Pressure is also called ‘temptations’ in the book of James. In his book, James tells us to count it all JOY when you experience the pressure that comes in life. The pressure that comes from outside of you can be the enemy using people, situations and emotions to try and get you off course. It can be a situation that you have got yourself in through bad decisions. Pressure from outside of you is never pleasant.

The Bible helps us when pressure comes. It tells us that because of this pressure you know something. You may not be able to stop the pressure or the situation but in this moment you can know something. You might have a bill that is coming up, you don’t know how to pay it. The budget is failing, you are stuck. You may have some symptoms on your body that is causing you pain and the pressure to give up and live with it might be larger than the healing you know is in The Word.


Know this: You can know something when pressure or temptation comes. James says it this way, “Knowing this, (know what?) that the trying of your faith works patience.” 

Patience, in this context, simply means steadfastness. If you allow it the pressure can result in you consistently, with steadfastness, stay confident that God’s Word works. In fact, James also says for you to allow patient consistency to have her perfect and complete work so that you become mature, “perfect and entire, wanting nothing.”

The Lord is your Shepherd. You shall not want. He walks you beside still waters. He leads you through the valley of the shadow of death. You fear no evil. He is with you.

Pressure will come and pressure will go but without pressure your faith will not be tested. When your faith in God’s Word is tested you can demonstrate that the victory that overcomes the world will be revealed. When you consistently demonstrate victory in your life your confidence is supremely strengthened. Your consistent reliance on victory develops the roots that you are growing. Roots that are delving deep into the depths of God’s love. Your roots go deep and become the strength that you daily live off. You are planted by the river of God. Everything you do prospers.

Unfortunately, without you standing up to the pressure that comes, your roots will become shallow. Shallow roots easily fail. Roots must go deep so that a tree can grow strong and tall. Roots provide nutrients. Roots provide stability. Roots fight resistance underground, never to be seen. The seed of God’s Word is your source of consistency. The seeds turn into roots, God’s Word provides you with the confidence to resist any pressure. 

Once roots are established…the tree can face wind. The tree can develop to face horrendous weather and the tree can stand strong through it all. 

The pressure you are facing today maybe unnoticed to those around you. You are working on your roots. You are working on the foundation below ground so that you can flourish in the spotlight. On the other hand, you might be facing pressure above ground. Everyone can see what you are facing. They are watching you succeed. They are watching the victory that overcomes the world. They see the results of your developed roots.

I declare: “You are becoming the strong tree that God has created you to be. You are facing pressure successfully. You are resisting temptation. You are the overcoming victorious one because of what He did. You are a success!”

Look beyond what you are facing right now. The time of wanting nothing is coming. The time of you lacking no thing is on the horizon. Turn into the wind storm and like the eagle, lock your wings and ride the current to the top of the storm! Live in the peace that passes all understanding and you will soar above the clouds. You will live in heavenly realms and you will count it all JOY!!

Jesus is Lord!

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