The River Will Flow.

There is Whiteheart song from the 90s that has stuck with me from my childhood. The song talks about the river of God flowing freely in our lives and throughout the earth, a free flow of God’s love and power from heaven. 

As Christians we are connected to this river. If you allow the river to flow your life will be filled with answers, joy and victory. The river inside will draw men and women to Jesus because of the life it contains. 

We are all called to refresh the lives of those who are surrounding us. We are called to carry a life giving presence that changes and impacts everyone we come in contact with. 

Our churches are to carry this same river. A river that flows in our our services and impacts the region we are placed in. The river of God flows with healing, power, provision and total freedom. 

There is something different about a Christian who carries this river. There is a presence they walk in. It’s almost like when that person turns up you know that everything is going to be alright. My pastor is like that. The anointing on on people that flow with God always bring something to a meeting, a conversation and to situations. 

In order to carry this, to flow in the river, you must be someone who lives in the river. When you see a dried up river bed in the natural you know something is wrong with the source. Nothing is flowing from the top. The drought that is happening is affecting the river, the surrounding lands and the the people who access the river. 

When a Christian is empty or dry it is never a problem with the source. It is a problem of connection. A dry Christian is not connected. Something on the inside isn’t firing on all cylinders. Something on the inside isn’t tapping into the eternal, never failing, source that is the river of God. 

You are meant to be drowning in the river of God. You are meant to be deep in. Not toe deep, not ankle deep but over the head, out of your depth deep!! You aren’t meant to know how to get out! 

You are meant to be so committed to being so filled with God’s presence that you feel overwhelmed with the task because the task is impossible without the river!! 

Father God has made every provision for you and I. He has filled you with His Spirit. He has put inside you the ability to carry something the works needs. He has given you a calling. He has filled you with His Spirit in order that you can overflow. 

An overflowing cup spills and makes a mess! Some of us need some Holy Ghost mess in our lives! Some of us need to switch our heads off and let God do the talking!

Be filled today! Let His grace overflow you. Let His Word be on the tip of your tongue, ready to be spoken at a moments notice. Declare, praise, laugh and let the glory of God that is inside your vessel flow! 

Let the river flow today!!  

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