Are you where you need to be?

I love the Church, the body of Christ, the people of God. I love how diverse, crazy, fun, lovable and unique God’s people are. I love the simple, the complicated, the strong and the weak. The way God has put a group of people together for His glory is truly wonderful. In these last days I am looking forward to seeing His perfect will done through the people He has joined in unison. I love THE Church but…

I also love church – the organisation, the structure, the meetings and the gathering. I love going to church, I love being a part of church, I love connecting and plugging in. For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed and been passionate about church. I know it has a lot to do with my up bringing but I also know that something on the inside of me connects me directly to the idea and the reality of church.

Whether we talk about The Church as a body of people or whether we talk about the movement of church as a structure there is something amazing about what God is doing in these last days. As we rapidly move to the catching away of the believers I do know something – The Church is the answer.

The Church is the place to be. The Church is what you need to be a part of. The Church is a body. The body of Jesus. The Church is what holds it all together. The Church is what provides a place, a locality. The Church is the answer as Jesus Himself is the answer. You can’t have Jesus without the Church.

You may have felt that church is the problem. You may have felt that Christians cause more problems than they provide answers for. You may have even dealt with a Christian that was intent on causing you hurt.

I will never say the structure of church is perfect and not every member is 100% healthy. The Church is made up of human beings after all and even in their born-again, redeemed state people need to adapt and change and learn how to deal with those around them.

Whatever state you think the Church is in you must realise that Jesus died for it. Jesus paid the ultimate price to birth and create it. Jesus is, in fact, responsible for building it. He is the head of it, the leader, the commander-in-chief. He is the Great Shepherd and He is always drawing people to His Church.

You might be sat there thinking, “I am a believer. I love Jesus. I don’t need to go to church.”

This is the reason I am describing both the body and the structure. I am describing the people and the building – realise this, both are greatly needed in your life.

You need others. You need people. You need a place. You need a locality. You need a gathering place. You need to be connected, hook, line and sinker into something bigger than you.

For far too long Christians have tried to siphon off fuel from a parked car. They have tried to help themselves to the fuel intended to carry and serve others rather than get into the car and drive.

Imagine someone trying to get fuel out of the car parked on their drive!! They have the keys to enter the vehicle!!

Too many Christians are trying to pull out fuel for their life not realising that plugging into the body, the church, will provide all the comforts and travelling benefits of a first class passenger on a British Airways flight!!

The Word of God is to be taken personally. I believe that!! But the Word will affect many others around you if you let it! One of the best ways to do that is to get in the car!! Let the power of the Holy Spirit lead you into a life that is worth living! Get on the train of the Holy Ghost and travel in style!

The Church is the coach, the vehicle in which we can travel in luxury and style. The Church is the place to be in this, the last of the last days. In the Church you will find the energy and the answers. In the Church you will be fed and you will get to help with the chores needed to help the family run. In the Church you will get to go on an adventure, you will be assigned tasks and rewarded greatly!

When you are committed to the Church you become a member of the greatest and most excellent fighting unit on the planet. You are a part of a powerful, glory filled and exciting movement that will usher in the return of the King of Kings!!!!

I can’t encourage you enough to get into church…but don’t just attend. Plug in. Serve. Give. Pray. You will not regret it. You will not wear out. You will not break but you will be strengthened and equipped. You will be commissioned. You will be released. You will touch something holy and precious and you will be consumed with zeal. You will put yourself in a place that God can overflow in your life in some many ways.

Jesus is coming back soon. Jesus loves you. Jesus loves His Church. His Church is the place to be. Get yourself plugged in. Serve, laugh, live and join in with the best place in town!!

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