Splash. A rock is launched off of the river bank by one of my boys. Splash, splash, splash. Several stones are launched into a similar place by the other boy. 

What is it about boys that they want to cause as much noise, destruction and chaos as possible. I don’t have girls but I am sure they create their own version of exuberant display. 

As children grow up that aversion to create a scene is drilled out by parents, school and even church. We train our children to behave with an even temperament as much as possible. We are relieved when guests come round to the house and peace and quiet is on display. 

I question that. 

When the Spirit of God was released on the earth mountains moved. Rivers were created and lakes poured out. The Spirit of God was released and raised Jesus back from hell itself. 

Wherever Jesus went His presence was revealed by creating a scene, by creating impact. An impact that brought heaven to earth and removed the effects of a curse brought onto mankind. Jesus was a man of impact. 

He spoke and waves were silenced. He laid hands on people and disease was eradicated. He died and hell’s authority was completely squashed. The resurrection created a worldwide eternal impact, then came the day of Pentecost. 

The Spirit of God poured out into human beings once again.  Humanity could now house something so great that men and women were sent throughout the globe to create release that Spirit with eternal impact. 

Impact. Ripples. Splash. 

We were created to cause change. Religion was created to contain. We were created to go out. Religion keeps us under wraps. 

You were created to be you. You are an impact. Somewhere, somehow, you are an impact. There is something in you that shines in darkness. Inside of you is someone who wants to throw a stone in a still pond. 

Passion will always create impact. Passion for Jesus. Passion for a call. Passion for something bigger than yourself. 

We need you to be that impact. That force that shakes the norm and rebels against the status quo. We need you to be you. The world needs you. Yes, you. 

You are the answer and the disruption to someone’s normality. You carry the creator and power of the universe. You have something that can be thrown into the pond. You have light that can remove darkness. 

You are capable, equipped and anointed. Remember that child you once were who never cared if they caused a scene because there was a passion inside. 

You were made to be an impact…now be just that!!

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