Faith to be Full! Faith to Overflow!

There is a favourite minister that I listen to who tells a story of when he was starting out in ministry, still living at home. His dad asked him one day, ‘Son, why is that whenever I use your car that it is always running out of gas and I have to always fill it up?’ The minister answered, thinking he was being smarter than his dad, a seasoned minister, ‘Dad, I am a faith preacher, I use my faith to get gas when I need it!’ To that statement, his father quipped, ‘Great, but it takes more faith to keep the tank full!’

I love that story and lately it keeps rattling around in me. I never want to run out or come short. I am to see myself with a full storehouse. Deuteronomy 28 tells me it is a part of the Blessing of God. I am a covenant man living by covenant promises. I will not operate on empty waiting to be filled up but on the promises of God that keep me in His Blessing Overflow! 

This is the mentality that we need to have, ‘Faith to be FULL! Faith to Overflow!’

As believers we need to adopt this way of pursuing life. We need to accept the fact that God never wants us to run out. We aren’t meant to beg and plead to receive from Him or anyone else. We are not only meant to be FULL but we are designed to overflow. Our development in God should lead to a mature attitude of explosive growth! We should not only be full, providing for our family, but we should be displaying God’s glory style as we reveal His goodness on the earth!

We are a people who have inherited exceedingly great and precious promises. We have an inheritance. We have a privilege of boldness. We have a directed, Holy Ghost link, a connection with the creator of Heaven and Earth. He never fails. He never falls short. We cannot go under with the owner of EVERYTHING backing us! I think people just don’t believe that He is backing us!!!!

When you fill up a cup of water to brimming it doesn’t take much to spill it. One little knock and you cover yourself or the table with water. If you keep the tap flowing into the glass there will be a continual flood! 

You can tell very easily what someone is filled with. A little bit of a knock in life reveals their heart, the abundance that is in there floods out. It might be swearing, anger or if could be praise and worship but life will always reveal what is in there in abundance. Our finances also reveal what our hearts are filled with. Where does most of your money go? Entertainment subscriptions? Food? Experiences? Or does it obviously flow towards the Kingdom of God?

Joshua was told by God as he took over the nation of Israel before they entered into the promise land, ‘Take my law, my Word, and meditate on it. Think on it, mull it over, day and night. When you do, the boldness and courage you receive will carry you through. Everything you do will prosper.’

If we are to be full of faith we need to full of the Word of God. That’s how faith comes. That’s what faith operates on. That is what the Spirit of God works with in your life. You have the capacity to filled with the fullness of God. You were created to be a reflection of God’s glory on this earth. You are meant to overflow will all that God has for you. When life bumps into you you are to respond out of the overflow. 

The overflow of love, joy and victory comes out of your mouth. Your first words in any situation is the Word of God. You respond and act in faith. You stay stirred up. You give instinctively and quickly. You don’t wait for others to lead but you are on the front foot full of power and passion. You are overflowing with the very God of the universe!

Stay in the overflow. Spend time everyday filling yourself up and never turn the tap off! The water is always flowing from the source. Stay connected to that source. Become the answer to those around you! Become the answer and never the problem!


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