The Laws Of Prosperity

Over the last few weeks, in our live broadcast series, we have been developing and discussing the laws of prosperity. These laws are not presented to us in the Bible like the ten commandments but rather written down throughout the old and new testament. In preaching these laws I have begun to get new and fresh revelation of the Father’s Heart towards the body of Christ in His desire to see us prosper. 

Prosperity may have been a bad word over the years in the church but I believe that if we look at it from the perspective of the Word of God and not our opinions we can quite clearly see that God’s desire is to see Christian’s grow exponentially in all areas of their lives.

When we simply understand that prosperity is not just about money but about developing spirit, soul and body we will see that we have work to do. It is not simply about chasing money for our back pocket but it is about allowing the Blessing of God into our lives in extreme ways! 

God has called us blessed. God has also commissioned us to a calling that uses that blessing to bless the people of the world! 

Simply put we are blessed spiritually when we are born-again and baptised in the Holy Ghost.  We are blessed mentally and emotionally as we renew our minds to the Word of God and adopt the Mind of Christ. We prosper physically as we allow the healing power of God to flow freely in our lives. We prosper financially as we apply the principles of tithing and giving in our lives. 

Operating in prosperity is summed up in Jesus’ words, “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be provided for you and as you sacrifice for me you will see great multiplication in houses, family and things in this world and the world to come!” (My paraphrase of two verses.)

God’s prosperity is like no other. He adds no sorrow to it. His blessing over takes you. His blessing lifts you up. His love for you is so overwhelming that it manifests in every area of your life. His desire is for you to prosper and be in health as your soul prospers. God has no problem whatsoever with you being rich because if you are now rich in Him you have already poured out of the blessing to bless others!

You job on this earth is to steward what God gives you and to grow every talent, thought, and financial situation you obtain. That stewardship leads to trust and to growth. God’s family is His business and He wants His family to multiply!

Today is a great day to prosper! There is a world out there demanding answers and you have it. Don’t hold on to what you have. Pour out of the blessing you have been given and get prepared for God to multiply you in every area as you continue to serve Him and be about His business!

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