Allow Boldness To Take You FURTHER!

How are you doing in life? How are you pursuing your God given dreams? Is your walk of faith as exciting as once you dreamed? If not, perhaps there is something lacking…

The word boldness has been very repetitive in my spirit lately. It is an awesome New Testament word. It is a word that transformed the early church. It fuelled how they thought, prayed and acted. It caused the sick to be raised up, the church to explode in growth and kept them going in the face of brutal persecution.

Paul talks about how boldness will allow us to enter into the throne room of God and through it we can receive grace and mercy in our time of need.

What I love about boldness is it something you can pray for! It is not something that you necessarily have been born with. It is a spiritual gift. It is a part of God anointing and equipping you to achieve what He has in store for your life. Boldness can be used to stand on God’s Word. Boldness can be used as you resist the enemy’s attacks against your life or your family. Boldness can carry you through life’s challenges and impossibilities. Boldness can rise up as you step out in faith. You can use it to go after all that God has provided for you.

Boldness will piggy back on your faith to access the grace that God has provided for you!

I recognise in my life that I often come short in the things of God but I have been spiritually challenged! The Holy Spirit in me is rising up! My spirit is sensing that the tide is turning. I am acting on what is in my heart. I am declaring the Word of God with a new found authority. I am releasing my faith. I am approaching the throne room with boldness and I am here today to tell you to come and join me there!

Don’t be discouraged by what you are going through! Look up! Look unto Jesus. He is the author and completer of your faith.  It is with boldness that you accept Jesus’ role in heaven, that He praying for you, interceding on your behalf and ensuring that God’s word in your mouth will come to pass.

Don’t worry I am not saying you are pushing your agenda with the Almighty. In fact, the bolder you are the more you begin to realise how humble you must be! Humility is not shirking away from God waiting for Him to punish for you any wrong doing. No! Humility is simply realising that we got the far better deal in the Blood Covenant, realising that we can never be God in our lives. God wants us to access His grace. He wants to abound towards with everything that pertains unto life and godliness but He requires us to come before Him. He needs us to ask. He needs us to submit to His will and then we will connect to Him! 

God is waiting on a people on this earth to be bold in their faith. He needs us to bold in our prayers. There are nations to be reached, people to be saved and work to be done. 

Be bold today. Stand up to what is wrong in your life. Be bold and talk in faith to your Heavenly Father. Run into the throne room like a child in his dad’s office, run into His arms and ask. He will answer and He will overwhelm you with His goodness! 

God will always give grace to the BOLD…generously! 

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