Oh, the blood of Jesus…

Oh, the blood of Jesus…

Today is the first Sunday of the month where many churches will partake of communion. We will be remembering what Jesus did at Calvary and remembering the sacrifice He made to die for the sins of the world.

The blood of Jesus is so powerful. It is so precious. It is the cleansing power of the believer. It has washed us clean, pure as snow. It has provided healing for our bodies and protection against all our enemies. It is the sign of the New Covenant. It is the connection to heaven that buys us into the holy family. We are connected to our Heavenly Father, to heaven and life eternal. The blood of Jesus is the symbol of everlasting love of a creator God to His family.

Today, if you have communion with your church family, don’t just eat the bread and drink the wine and move on. Eat, drink knowing that over 2000 years ago a man arrived on this earth to die for you. He died and paid a price that you could never pay. He transformed your future and made sure that mankind could return to his eternal purpose.

Jesus died for you and me. He died for the whole world. Let’s make sure we never take this for granted. Let’s share our faith with those around us. Let us never be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus. It was paid for by the most precious of a price, the very life of a man.

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